How Kudo Property Works


1Due Diligence

We identify a potential property investment and perform detailed due diligence to analyse the opportunity. If the property is a promising investment for our clients, then we will negotiate a deal with the property owner in line with our due diligence values.

When a deal is agreed with the property owner, all purchase costs are totalled to set a target price.

2Fund Raising

The property is then listed to our clients on our Kudo Property online platform for a set amount of time, where a limited number of shares in the property will be available at a fixed price until the target price is achieved through client investment. This phase is known as the Initial Public Offering (IPO).

For example, an IPO property investment opportunity has a target price of £100,000, and 100,000 shares are available at £1 per share. If a client invests £10,000, then they will have 10% ownership of the total property investment.


3Deal Completion

Once the target price is achieved, our Legal team liaises with the property seller's solicitor to complete the purchase of the property. A Kudo Property subsidiary company is created as a legal entity, and shares are issued to our clients based on how much they have invested.

Once the property sale has completed, the investment is officially live.

4Investment Management

Our Kudo Property team liaises with estate agents to find tenants for the property to fund all outgoings, and provide dividends to our shareholding clients.

The Kudo Property team handle the ongoing management responsibilities for a small fee, which is paid through the property rental income. We publish all transactions to maintain transparency with our clients.

All surplus funds are regularly paid as dividends to our clients based on their ownership %. To help maximise returns for our clients, and to lower investment risk, we have a strict 'no loans' policy.


5Performance Monitoring

We regularly receive independent valuations of the property, so that our clients are kept up to date with their investment value, through their online Kudo Property investment portfolio.

If a client of ours would like to sell any of their property investment shares, they can sell at their own price within the Kudo Property community using the Kudo Property Exchange.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To create an account with Kudo Property, click on the Sign Up button on our website. You must have a valid email to confirm your account.

Yes, it is free to create an account with Kudo Property.

Creating an account with Kudo Property typically takes our members less than 5 minutes.

Kudo Property enables investors to find properties they love from the comfort of their own home and invest from just £1.

Kudo Property offers a range of residential properties that have passed strict due diligence, and deemed to be lucrative investment opportunities.

Investors can purchase shares in a property during an Initial Public Offering (IPO) period, which lasts for a set time agreed with the property seller. During this period, investors can view Kudo Property's analysis and buy shares in the property until the target price is met.

If the target price is not met within the time then investors receive a full refund. If the target price is close to being met then an extension period may be agreed with the seller.

Investors can monitor the performance of their investments through their Kudo Property online account. So that the latest property information is available, we arrange valuations of properties periodically

Kudo Property is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), registered with the Property Ombudsman, and members of the National Landlords Association.

Property investment may be right for you if you are comfortable with the risks associated with it, have the financial resources to invest, and have a long-term investment strategy.

To help us improve our investment services and quality of offerings, fees are factored into the target price of investors, sale price for property sellers, and maintenance fees paid by the property investment's tenant rental income.

Investors can sell their property shares or purchase from other users on the Kudo Property Exchange. To help release funds for investors, in the event a buyer of shares cannot be found in a timely manner, we will review alternative options, including a third party purchasing the shares.

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